Zoom: For Safe And Effective Teeth Whitening

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There is nothing more beautiful than a brilliant white smile. At times, our discolored dentition can seem like a major hindrance, especially at social functions. However, many people make the mistake of purchasing home whitening kits that may not work or cause sensitivity and discomfort. Leave the teeth whitening to the experts for the best results.

Why We Prefer Zoom

Alcan Dental Group understands that tooth discoloration is no laughing matter, and can cause a person to be self-conscious of the way they look. However, we do not recommend the use of just any type of teeth whitening solution. With so many brands available and promising astounding results, we chose one that truly lives up to its hype. We use Zoom because it is safe, effective and provides long-lasting results. You get a brighter and healthier smile in less than an hour! You will need to schedule an appointment beforehand for a professional cleaning treatment, to ensure the success of the bleaching procedure.

Zoom is the best whitening treatment, especially for people who are in a rush. You get immediate results that are comparable to days of wearing bleaching trays, if not better.

The Zoom Procedure

The Zoom procedure is simple and fast. The dentist isolates the lips and gums to prevent any discomfort. Zoom whitening gel is then applied to every tooth surface. The gel is the product of Discus Dental, a leading contender in the teeth whitening industry. It is composed of pH-balanced hydrogen peroxide. Once this breaks down, it gently penetrates the enamel and dentin layer to remove deep-seated stains, which cause discoloration.
Please keep in mind that this gel can whiten on its own.

However, the application of the Zoom laser light, which is used to activate the components, improves the over-all result by 33% or more. In less than an hour, your teeth will look six to eight times lighter than it used to be. Please note that a fluoride treatment will be performed right after the procedure to strengthen your enamel.

Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

Research has shown that professional whitening procedures are safe and effective. However, please keep in mind that individuals under the age of 13 should not undergo this procedure. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should also avoid whitening their teeth until after the child is weaned.

Why Zoom Is Best For You

This revolutionary whitening system caters to everybody as it is customizable to fit your needs. People with tooth sensitivity do not have to shy away from teeth whitening anymore, thanks to Zoom technology. Since the gel itself is pH-balanced, it is better for people with increased sensitivity and offers a gentler way to whiter dentition.

Are you shying away from the spotlight because of your unsightly teeth? Zoom whitening is a safe procedure that can boost your self-esteem Smile with confidence, with the help of this revolutionary bleaching system which promises to give you teeth that is 6 to eight shades whiter in less than an hour. Schedule an appointment with us today for more information about Zoom whitening and discover how can change your life.