IV Sedation

If you think it is impossible to relax while you are being treated at our office, we can put your worries at ease. Our dental experts use intravenous (IV) sedation techniques to allow you to rest comfortably while receiving the dental care you need. Do not let the fear of dental treatment keep you from getting the procedures you need, ask us about IV sedation to ease you through any procedure.

While sedation techniques are normally used for oral surgeries or time-consuming procedures, IV sedation can reduce the most severe anxiety and phobias associated with dentists, needles, pain, and drills to make any dental treatment pleasant. Additionally, patients with sensitive gag reflexes or suffering from TMJ or other neuromuscular disorders and find it hard to keep their mouths open for extended periods of time often benefit from IV sedation. If you deal with one of these or any other circumstance, we will discuss them with you to determine your anxiety level and decide whether IV sedation is safe for you, based on medical history and your overall health condition.

The sedative dosage administered will correlate to the intensity of your anxiety or discomfort. IV sedation allows an unprecedented level of control over patient relaxation levels, so we can tailor the sedation to each of your specific needs. Depending on the amount of sedative we determine you will receive, you will become extremely relaxed, drowsy, and you may fall asleep completely during your treatment. Typically, patients receiving IV sedation remain conscious and can respond to questions but do not experience extreme nervousness or discomfort experienced without the help of sedation, and usually remember very little about the appointment afterward.

As with any procedure we perform for our patients, your physical safety is our top priority. To prepare for an appointment where you will receive IV sedation, be sure to not eat or drink anything for eight hours prior to your procedure, except for prescription medications unless you are advised otherwise. While you are under sedation, we closely monitor your vitals including blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate. After your dental work, we stop your IV and let you rest comfortably around 20 minutes before stopping your treatment and you leave our office. If necessary, we prescribe pain management medication after your visit, which is almost certainly prescribed after an oral surgery procedure. Please keep in mind, you will need to arrange to have a responsible adult drive you home from your appointment and the will need to remain with you until drowsiness wears off. You should be able to resume normal activities the day after the appointment.

We completely understand your fear about visiting the dentist, and your desire for healthy, beautiful teeth. We are certain we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams with the compassionate care you deserve by helping reduce your anxiety during treatment. Ask us if IV sedation is right for you!

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