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Dentures, also known as false teeth, are custom made removable replacements for missing teeth typically built with acrylic resins, porcelain, or metallic frames. If you are considering dentures in Anchorage as a solution for your missing teeth, you must insure that the ones you obtain are finely crafted and custom-fitted.

If properly fitted and maintained, dentures will appear to be natural and help you restore a natural looking smile. Before choosing a specific cosmetic dentist in Anchorage for dentures, the following information are things your should consier before making a final decision.

Correctly fitted and expertly made dentures provide a great smile with a natural look. Because they are made from very durable materials and typically last for a very long time (usually five to ten years, if they are properly taken care of), false teeth can also help in correcting several problems such as speech and chewing.

Different Types of Dentures
Dentures can be classified in two broad groups: complete and partial dentures. If you have lost all of your teeth, a complete denture is what you need to discuss with your Anchorage Dentist. Partial dentures may be your best option of achieving a beautiful smile if some of your teeth are present and healthy.

  • Partial dentures— designed to correct gaps when only some of the teeth are missing.
  • Over dentures— similar to complete dentures but not all teeth are extracted and use one or more natural teeth for their support. They provide greater stability while chewing.
  • Upper dentures— made from similar materials as the complete dentures but are designed to provide the upper teeth only.
  • Complete dentures— these dentures replace the whole teeth, upper or lower.
  • Immediate dentures— these dentures are placed at once and may require adjustments after healing.

Who is a candidate for Dentures in Anchorage?

Obtaining false teeth is the best option of getting the perfect smile if you have lost all or some of your teeth. We offer a free consultation for those who are looking for affordable dentures in Anchorage. With that said there are several medical and personal factors that you need to take into consideration.

The Level Of Experience Of The Dentist
Permanent dentures are applied surgically. The dentist will permanently place screws to the upper and lower jaws to hold the permanent dentures in position. It is very important that this procedure is done correctly to produce dentures that are custom-fitted and finely crafted. Our practice has been serving Anchorage Alaska since 1992 and has years of experience with dentures.

The cost of treatment will vary depending on your specific needs. This can include the number of teeth that need to be replaced and the quality of products used. Before treatment, you will need to conduct an extensive research on your dental insurance plan and other available financing options. Knowing what your insurance will cover will give you a better understanding on how much you will pay from your pocket and which option you can afford.

At Alcan Family Dental we can help you with your insurance filings. We take all forms of insurance including Medicaid/Medicare. Please contact us for a free consultation with the Doctor – (907) 312-5315

Quality of denture materials
The material used in manufacturing dentures plays a huge role in determining the overall cost of treatment. Dentures made of acrylic material are typically of a cheaper price as compared to those made from porcelain or metal frames. Consider talking to your dentists about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of material that can be selected.

When looking for affordable dentures in Anchorage, it is important to insure that you choose the services of the right dentist. This will insure that your new teeth are crafted in a denture lab and fitted exactly for you, enabling you to have a natural smile. Your dentist in Anchorage will be able to recommend the best procedure and can help with giving you financial information.

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