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Dental Implants in Anchorage

Choosing the best dentist before you having dental implant surgery, which typically involves the placement of an artificial “root” to a patient’s jaw in order to form a firm support for dentures, is a very important decision.

The dental implant procedure is very delicate and even a simple mistake in the placement of a screw can lead to serious complications such as nerve damage or infection of the jawbone, gum, and teeth.

Because of the potential risks, it is important to be educated and very thorough when choosing the dentist to complete the implant procedure. Below we will cover some ways to help you determine who is best qualified to perform dental implants for you in Anchorage.

Area of Specialization

While most dentists often perform a wide range of dental surgeries, The American Dental Association recognizes dentists who have specialized in Periodontology surgery as the most suitable to perform implant types of oral surgery.

Specialized Training

According to the American Dental Association, cases where general dentists insert denture implants after a few weeks of undergoing specialized training are on the increase. The Association recommends that dentists should have at least three years extensive training in Periodontology before attempting to perform implant surgery.

Because of the level of training needed, it is important to analyze the credentials of your specific dentist. In most cases, if your regular dentist has not specialized in prosthetic surgery, he can refer you to a specialist.

Cost of the Procedure

On average, denture implant procedure is more expensive than most common dental and oral care treatment procedures. Because of the cost, it can be tempting to choose a dentist to perform the surgery based on their lower fees. However, just because a dentist charges significantly lower fees does not necessarily mean that they cannot offer excellent service or have the skills needed to properly complete the implant for you.

Because of the risks, it is more practical to choose a dentist in Anchorage who is able to provide the highest quality, expertly trained, and personalized care at a higher cost instead of risking your dental health by seeking the services of an unqualified dentist simply based on lower cost. Instead of focusing on cost alone, focus on dentists who are likely to prioritize your treatment with their expertise.

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Just as other surgeons do, dentists who perform tooth implant surgery improve their skills over time. Experienced dentists are more likely to be highly proficient in identifying the most suitable denture implant systems that different patients need. In contrast, dentists who are less experienced may often suggest a specific implant system to most of their clients depending on which system they can successfully implement irrespective of the specific needs of each patient.

Nevertheless, just because a dentist is more experienced does not guarantee that their skill level is superior compared to less experienced dentists. Therefore, you should also consider some of the other factors discussed herein before making a final decision.

Third Parties

An important part of your decision process will be whether your dental implants dentist will handle all aspects of your dental implant procedures or if other dentists or laboratories will be involved in this process. If other dentists or labs will be involved, you should assess their credibility, experience, and specialty beforehand in order to ensure that you get the best care. Similarly, it is prudent to establish (in advance), if your dentist is well equipped to handle any complications that may arise during the surgery.

Alcan Family Dental As Your Dental Implants Dentist In Anchorage?

Choosing the right dentist is an important step you must take before you get dental implants. An important part of your decision is to note that some dentists only perform certain stages of the implant procedure. For example, it is common for dentists to offer dental implant restoration procedures.

Dentists offering the restoration services typically do this after a different dentist has completed the main surgical procedure. In a case like this, make sure you assess the credibility, training, and skill level of each dentist who will take part in the operation separately in order to protect you dental health.

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