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Do you think you need a dental crown in Anchorage? There are a few reasons you might need a crown and some might be more urgent than others. For example, if you wait until an old filling crack reaches the root of your tooth, you may have to get a root canal as well. A root canal is something you want to avoid if at all possible. If your dentists says you need a crown, it is best to get it done as soon as possible so that other problems don’t come up.

There are a number of ways dental crowns can correct dental problems.

You May Have Old Fillings

Dental Crown Restoration in Anchorage AlaskaFillings do not last indefinitely. They are susceptible to cracking, breaking, or falling out if they are not replaced. Most of the time, a damaged filling is hard to notice, and the tooth it is attached to can become damaged and possibly lead to significant pain. Untreated issues with fillings can also result in the need for a root canal or other dental work.

Root canal work can be very inconvenient, expensive, time-consuming, and uncomfortable. It is much easier to deal with a damaged filling by having a dental crown applied to the affected tooth. Dental crowns are less expensive, take little time, and are completely painless.

A crown is a long-lasting solution. Some patients do need crowns replaced, but the majority of the time this is not the case. With proper care, dental crowns often last for a lifetime.

What Dental Crowns Can Do For You

There are a few reasons why you may want a dental crown.

  • You have a cracked tooth.
  • Your teeth are worn.
  • You have one or more poorly shaped teeth or teeth that are ‘too’ small.
  • You had an infected tooth, but was treated with a root canal.
  • You had old fillings done that have secondary decay.
  • You had a dental implant done and want to top it with a dental crown.
  • You have one or more teeth that need straightening.
  • Tops of your teeth are worn and are becoming sensitive or painful (usually the front teeth).

A crown will provide the protection your tooth needs to stay healthy and permanent. You will be able to eat normally without the concern of your tooth breaking, cracking, or chipping. The impact from chewing will not harm a tooth that has a crown.

Crowns Can Improve The Appearance Of Your Teeth

Some teeth can be worn down. For example if you used to grind your teeth or bite your finger nails, your front teeth might be worn down. At some point they become weaker, senstive or painful. A simple cap or crown can fix their appearance. It will be up to the dentist to provide a treatment option specific to your mouth.

There can be various other reasons where restorative dental work is not the best solution. One example is if you have the tendency to grind your teeth. Grinding can destroy veneers and other types of partial tooth coverage options.

A crown can be a better option. When crowns are in place, they are stronger and more permanent than tooth veneers. They can provide long-term coverage, and will never be damaged.

The appearance of your teeth can significantly improve through the use of dental crowns. The color, shape, and strength of your teeth will all be better. An additional point to consider is no one but you and your dentist will know you have a crown. While your teeth will look much nicer, no one will know you have crowns.

Talk To Your Dentist About Dental Crowns

Oral health and an attractive appearance should be important to everyone. Similar to other types of health care, the best source of information and advice is from your dentist.

Our expert team at Alcan Family Dental will happily answer your questions about crowns. As part of the evaluation process, your teeth will be examined, and you will be evaluated to determine if dental crowns are the right option for you. This is a free consultation, so you know what you are getting into before we start work. You will also know the cost of having crowns and what other treatment options are available to you.

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