Tooth Extraction

Anchorage Tooth Extraction: Taking The Pain Out Of Tooth Removal

A tooth extraction is a common dental procedure involving the removal of the whole structure of a tooth down to the root. The extraction procedure is not considered to be a highly invasive form of surgery and in most cases, it’s very simple to perform.
A tooth can require extraction for many reasons. At times, an extraction is necessary due to the ill-health of a tooth. In other cases, it’s needed to correct painful or invasive misalignment problems.

Also, any tooth that’s developed decay will have to be extracted before it either falls out on its own or causes widespread infection causing the loss of some or all of other teeth near the infection. Decay can easily spread between your teeth, and if we can’t perform a root canal or drill out and fill the decayed tooth, then treatment could require having to extract it to prevent your dental problems from worsening. If we can avoid a tooth extraction, we will, but sometimes there is no effective alternative.

A tooth that’s been structurally damaged and is beyond saving may also require extraction. When the roots of a tooth become damaged, it can be a challenge to successfully reattach the tooth to your delicate soft tissues. In the case of structural damage that’s been caused by dental decay, we’ll try to save the tooth before extracting it, but if the tooth’s been damaged down to its roots, we’ll have no other option.

Gum disease often goes hand in hand with decay, and both conditions destroy the health of your teeth. The bacteria associated with the development of gum disease destroy the soft tissues and bone that hold your teeth in their correct positions. Over time, the disease can worsen and the gums can start to move away from your teeth, compromising their overall stability. In severe cases of gum disease, several teeth may require extraction.

Orthodontic treatment may be required for aesthetic reasons, and if one or two of your milk teeth have failed to fall out to make sufficient room for your adult teeth, you may require tooth extraction before being fitted with braces. While having too many teeth isn’t a significant health risk, it may produce problems later in life. Through having teeth extracted and undergoing appropriate orthodontic treatment, your teeth can be realigned, helping you to not only beautify your smile, but prevent future dental problems.

If your wisdom teeth cause you pain and suffering, they may require extraction. While wisdom tooth removal can be more challenging than a routine tooth extraction due to their placement at the very back of your mouth, it’s often better to have them removed than to try to put up with long-term pain. Badly impacted wisdom teeth can pose a risk to the health of your other teeth and should ideally be extracted before they cause decay along the gum line.

If you believe you may require a tooth extraction, speak to a member of our Anchorage tooth extraction team at Alcan Dental Group today. We’ll assess the state of your teeth and gums, and advise you on the best course of treatment for your needs. We understand that your schedule is busy, so we’ll try our best to ensure that your appointment fits around your lifestyle. We’ll try and save your teeth where possible, but if extraction surgery is the only option, we’ll take the time to listen to your concerns and offer you IV sedation if you’re feeling particularly anxious about undergoing the procedure. Our skilled surgical dentists can extract even the most challenging of teeth with the greatest of ease. Surgery can be performed in under an hour, with most teeth taking only a few minutes to remove.

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