Fee Structure

In order to help you plan your dental care and your appointments, our dentists, Dr. Scott Laudon and Dr. Mark Birmingham, have provided this pricing list for our dental services in Anchorage, Alaska.

Please contact Alcan Dental Group at (907) 312-5315 if you have any questions or concerns regarding a treatment plan. All prices below are base and may increase depending on your examination results and the procedures our dentists recommend.

We accept Care Credit and Lending Club as financing options. If we are in-network with your insurance company the actual prices may be lower. All treatment plans and co-pays are an estimation based off of information given to us by the insurance company. We require our patients to be seen by the doctor for an exam before any treatment is provided. Treatment can be provided on the same day as your visit or scheduled for another time at your convenience. If you have any questions regarding coverage limitations or frequencies, we recommend contacting your HR department or your insurance company directly.

Fee Structure
Comprehensive Exam (Including: Exam, 2 Pa’s, 4 BWX, Intraoral Images) Starting from $428.00
Exam and Panoramic X-ray Starting from $305.00
Limited Exam (For patients with localized pain: Exam and 1 Pa) Starting from $170.00
Panoramic X-ray Starting from $155.00
Adult Prophylaxis Starting from $155.00
Child Prophylaxis Starting from $110.00
Full Mouth Debridement Starting from $230.00
Perio Scaling and Root Planning (Per Quad) Starting from $300.00
Perio Maintenance Starting from $195.00
Zoom Whitening Starting from $430.00
Sinsational Smile Whitening Starting from $155.00
Bleach Syringe Refills Starting from $55.00
Composite Fillings From $240.00- $400.00
Extractions From $240- $800.00
I.V Sedation 1st 15 Min From $237.00
I.V Sedation Every Add’l 15 Min From $237.00
Root Canal Anterior (Front) Starting from $905.00
Root Canal Bicuspid (Side) Starting from $985.00
Root Canal Posterior (Back) Starting from $1,235.00
PFM Crown Starting from $1,295.00
Gold Crown (Depending on Percentage) From $1,1810 – $2,000
Porcelain/Ceramic Crown Starting from $1,420.00
Full Denture per Arch Starting from $1,360.00
Partial Denture per Arch Starting from $1,485.00
Immediate Denture per Arch (Not including extractions) Starting from $1,600.00
Denture Hard Reline Starting from $440.00
Flipper (Price depending on number of teeth) Starting from $550.00 and up
Occlusal Guard/Night Guard/Sports Starting from $299.00

Current Offers

Zoom Tooth Whitening

Guaranteed Results – Get professional teeth whitening that will whiten your teeth by 8 shades.