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Alcan Family Dental As Your Emergency Dentist?

Do you have a dental emergency? We are one of the few dentist in Anchorage that accept emergency dental patients. We are on call 24 hours – 7 days a week. Even though our normal business hours are Monday – Saturday we can take most emergencies on Saturday & Sunday as well. We can treat a wide variety of dental emergencies such as broken or chipped teeth to traumatic cases. If you have a toothache or are experiencing tooth pain, please call us because something could be going on with your tooth that may be only seen with an X-ray.

Be sure to call us at (907) 312-5315, even during after hours to reach our on call staff.

One Of The Top Emergency Dentist In Anchorage

While nobody wants to think about a dental emergency it can happen and being prepared with a qualified emergency dentist in Anchorage is worth the effort. We provide you with the dental care you need during any emergency and are ready to help you on short notice. Too often a dental patient is faced with an emergency situation that doesn’t allow them to wait until their general dentist is available. Our dental services for emergencies are available to you when you need them and we work hard to get you all the help you need as quickly as we can.

What Are Dental Emergencies?

Whether you have cracked a tooth or have an impacted tooth, we can provide the care you need to relieve the pain on the same day. Having the number of an a dentist that handles emergencies in Anchorage that you know will act quickly to resolve your problem is a relief that you deserve. We can provide these services to you regardless of your dental insurance status. Solving the dental challenges of our patients is something we thrive on. A an emergency can strike when you least expect it and we understand that. Our experienced staff is ready to chip in and help you through your pain.

Dental emergencies can be anything that causes tooth pain in your mouth such as:

Abscessed Tooth

Chipped Tooth

Broken Tooth

Lost Fillings


Remember in a dental emergency that there are some immediate actions you can take while you are waiting to see a dentist. First you want to be sure that you should apply gauze or any other sterile fabric available to a bleeding mouth or gum. The pressure should be steady to attempt to stop the bleeding. If you have cold or ice available, apply it immediately to slow the bleeding and any swelling and then head toward Alcan Family Dental your Emergency Dentists in Anchorage.

If you have knocked out a tooth you should try to recover the missing tooth, apply the pressure to the bleeding gums and seek the help of the dentist right away. If you can contact the dentist on your way in they can be more prepared for your situation and be ready to help you. You should put your tooth in a clean plastic bag until you see your dentist. In some cases the tooth can be replaced in the open area and the root can reattach itself. It is worth the effort of taking the tooth with you to find out your options.

In a situation where you have lost a filling you should hang onto the filling if you have it and put gauze in the area to keep it free from debris until you reach the dentist. The dental professional may be able to gain some insight into your dental circumstances by looking at the filling that had fallen out. If your filling is still in your tooth but you are suffering from debris being suck in or around it, you can rinse your mouth with warm water to loosen the debris. If this doesn’t succeed proceed to the emergency dental professional right away.

Experiencing a toothache?

No matter what time it is, Alcan Family Dental is here to assist you through any dental emergency. We have stay open late and have opened up on weekends to accommodate our patients who may be experiencing toothaches or pain their mouth. If you are experiencing pain please don’t hesitate on calling our office. We have an after hour answering service who can put you in touch with the right people. Call us (907) 312-5315

The most important thing to remember during an emergency is to refrain from panic. Dentistry has come a long way and there are often treatments that can be done to help most dental emergencies come to an acceptable resolution. Trust your emergency dentist and do not hesitate to seek help right away. If you are experiencing bleeding or are in a life threatening situation you must dial 911!

The sooner you see Alcan Family Dental the more helpful we can be. Our on-call emergency dentist may be able to give you better care if you arrive shortly after the incident occurs. The longer you leave a dental emergency unseen the more likely you will create a bigger and more costly problem to deal with.

Be sure to call us if you are experiencing dental pain, toothaches or bleeding in your mouth.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Anchorage or the surrounding area, Call Us at (907) 312-5315.

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